The brand

Bringing history up to date

Originally created to open up our vineyards to international markets. Anne de K encapsulates Alsace, and offers a fine example of balance between varietal character and modernity. The range combines age-old traditional know-how with the bold design of a striking initial K! This subtle alchemy reflects our art of wine-making.

The Kientzheim-Kaysersberg Valley lies at the heart of the Alsace wine-growing region and at the foot of the Vosges mountains. This terroir has been the backdrop to the most glorious chapters of Alsace history. Anne de K wines fully express this richness.

Origins going back to 1550.

The story began in the 16th century in the small village of Kaysersberg in Alsace. At the time,  a certain woman called Anne was an active promoter of the Alsace vineyard, and above all its wines, along with her husband Lazarus von Schwendi. A diplomat and general in the Imperial Army of the Roman Empire, he was well known in the Colmar area and was dubbed, with good reason, the “Father of Tokay d’Alsace wine”.

The harmony between a village and its terroir.

This rich past has been highlighted through a complete range of wines that convey the values of this illustrious villager. The winegrowers chose to baptise this selection of premium wines “Anne de K”, with K for Kientzheim, as a tribute to the village and to Anne.

Anne de K’s style and fabulous wines await you! Every single one is a testimony, and an invitation to explore historical and present-day Alsace.

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