The brand

A signature symbolising the legendary purity of our fine Alsace wines.

There are some wonderful stories that are passed down through the generations without losing their relevance, stories that people still like to tell as they sit by the fireside with a glass of wine… Alsace is a region with a rich history.

Today, we are going to tell you the story of Anne de Laweiss.

Anne de Laweiss

This name resonates like a tribute to the Kaysersberg Valley and to the Weiss, the charming and limpid river that meanders through it.

This green valley is one of the most beautiful expressions of nature in Alsace, enchanted by its natural beauty: the vineyards, planted on the hills, followed by chestnut groves, with the rocks of the Hautes Vosges in the background. The sweetness of life, where age-old traditions are perpetuated, at the bend of a path, a chestnut grove or a vineyard...

A destiny originating in 1550

The story began in the 16th century in the small village of Kaysersberg in Alsace. At the time, a certain woman called Anne was an active promoter of the Alsace vineyard, and above all its wines, along with her husband Lazarus von Schwendi. A diplomat and general in the Imperial Army of the Roman Empire, he was well known in the Colmar area and was dubbed, with good reason, the “Father of Tokay d’Alsace wine”.

A legend that came true

Legend has it that the noble lady, an ambassador and benefactor for our vineyards, had skin so fair and fine that the inhabitants of Kaysersberg dubbed her “Anne de Laweiss”.

Her secret, it was said, came from her frequent baths in water drawn from the pure and amazingly limpid waters of our famous River Weiss.

This pretty river, which rises in the rugged landscape of the Haut-Rhin department and flows peacefully through our vineyards, still lulls the villages of Kientzheim and Kaysersberg with its clear, babbling waters.

Could it be pure coincidence that this freshness and purity is also found in our wines from vines in the alluvial Weiss Valley? In any case, they are a joy for wine enthusiasts and professional tasters alike!

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